Vance Family Tree

My Heritage

This is my heritage. I recommend you looking at your own heritage and learn about your family and letting you children know what you have found.

I looked this up at

I had my DNA checked. I received this test for my Christmas present. My wife Melinda, and my two daughters, Brittany and Amber purchased a DNA kit and gave it to me on Christmas day. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received.

 The Vance Family Tree

As I find more names I will ad to the list.

 I am at the bottom.
Patrick Vance (1449 – 1528)
15th great-grandfather
Alexander Vans (1480 – 1567)
son of Patrick Vance
John Vans (1510 – 1547)
son of Alexander Vans
Patrick Vans
son of John Vans
John Vance SIR ( – 1661)
son of Patrick Vans
John Vans
son of John Vance SIR
Lancealot Vance
son of John Vans
John Vance (1630 – )
son of Lancealot Vance
Andrew Vance (1679 – )
son of John Vance
Ephraim Vance
son of Andrew Vance
Levi Vance
son of Ephraim Vance
Abner Vance Sr (1852 – )
son of Levi Vance
Abner Vance Jr
son of Abner Vance Sr
Eli Blackburn Vance
son of Abner Vance Jr
George Riley Vance (1857 – 1925)
son of Eli Blackburn Vance
Millard Vance (1888 – 1943)
son of George Riley Vance
Russell Warren Vance Jr.
You are the son of Russell Warren Vance

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